storm-boatThis morning as I was considering the promise of the rainbow in Genesis 9, the fact that it comes after the rain struck my heart.  What a powerful picture that God will see us through the storm and gives the rainbow as a promise upon the dark and bleak backdrop of our sin and trial in this world.  I may have broken every law of poetry, but I pray you are blessed.

When Jesus comes in stormy sea,
When trouble surrounds and is sinking me,
When hope is lost and my spirit sinks,
When all seems lost and at the brink,

He comes to calm the stormy sea,
He comes with love and hope and peace;
He comes to set the sails aright,
He comes to bring my soul delight.

What joy and comfort now compounds,
When Jesus comes I will not drown;
The sin and trial are washed away,
But Jesus says “I’m here to stay.”

When Jesus comes I can confide,
That cheer endures and peace abides;
There is no fear and I have no need,
When Jesus comes in stormy sea.

I pray that you would have a special sense of the presence and peace of Jesus during this stormy season!