I recently attended a leadership conference entitled, Ministry In The Spirit. It was a two day conference with 6 different sessions on what Spirit led ministries look like and the great need for individuals to be empowered by the Spirit.

Though Jesus gave the disciples the Great Commission of making more disciples, preaching the Gospel, and baptizing, He told them to wait in Jerusalem until they were empowered by the Holy Spirit (Matt. 28, Luke 24). Jesus knew that the Great Commission was so great that they could not move forward in it unless they had power from on high. That power is the Holy Spirit Who would come upon them just as Jesus promised in Acts 1:8. Jesus did not want the disciples trying to fulfill the Great Commission in their flesh and in their own strength. In Acts chapter 2, we see the Holy Spirit coming down upon the disciples and the effect was that 3,000 souls were saved! It was just the beginning…

A key ministry of the Holy Spirit is that He testifies of Jesus. When the Holy Spirit is at work, people are drawn to Jesus. It is very simple. In the Book of Acts, boldness was an immediate effect of the filling of the Holy Spirit. Boldness for what? Boldness for teaching people about Jesus and their great need for Him.

Though the Biblical concept of the Holy Spirit is a vast subject, there are a couple of overarching points which are of great importance to us.

1. The Holy Spirit testifies of Jesus (Jn. 15:26). When we are submitted to the Holy Spirit, we will be drawn into a closer and more intimate relationship with Jesus.

2. The Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth (Jn. 16:13). With the current digital Tsunami, our society is on information overload. Many falsely believe that if something is on TV, in a newspaper, or on an internet blog or website it is true. Why wouldn’t you want a relationship with the Holy Spirit who is 100% truthful 100% of the time. He, the Holy Spirit, will guide the believer into all truth concerning our relationship with Jesus.

3. The Holy Spirit empowers us to be witnesses for Jesus (Acts 1:8). Jesus sends us out with power that is literally ‘out of this world.’ To many Christians are not only trying to share their faith with others under their own power, but are trying to live in a manner pleasing to the Lord in their own power and strength as well.

It is amazing how the Holy Spirit assists and helps us connect with and relate to Jesus as well as properly represent Jesus to a world and culture so needful of Him. There is nothing on earth comparable to the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit for those who have accepted His Son Jesus as their Lord and Savior. May you be both filled and led by the Holy Spirit.