In 2 Kings 6 we read that the school of the prophets was thriving and had outgrown the facility. A new school was needed and Elisha agreed. One of the students had a great idea, which was to travel to the Jordan and for each man to take a beam for use in the new building. This was not only a great idea but it presents itself as a profound spiritual concept as well.

On the surface it may seem very logical and you may have heard this before, “Everyone pitch in.” Like many other phrases, concepts and principles, this too finds it roots in scripture. However the profoundness of it leads us to the New Testament where Paul teaches about the Christian family and how it is connected.

Ephesians 4 speaks about the oneness we have in Jesus, the unity we are to have in the Spirit, and the role we each play in the Christian family, which is also called the Body of Christ. In verse 16 we read that this body is effective when it is joined, knit together and every part is “doing its share.”

Are you doing your share in the Body of Christ? Are you taking up your beam? That might look like talking to your pastor or a church leader and asking what the current needs are in the church. It might mean talking to them about an idea for ministry the Lord has put on your heart, one that you can’t stop thinking about.

As a Christian, saved by the finished work of Jesus, you are not just given a “Get Out Of Hell” card, but you are also an important member of the Body of Christ where every one does their part. “Let every man take a beam.” What is the beam God is asking you to take up? Keep in mind that there may be something totally unrelated to God’s work that you must first put down. Ask God to show you your beam.