“(Abraham) was called the friend of God.”  James 2:23.

“…I have called you friends…”  John 15:15.

It is truly amazing that God would call us His friend like
He did with Abraham and like Jesus did with the disciples.  What a privilege this is to be in God’s
circle of friends!  If He had not initialized
this relationship, it would have been sinfully presumptuous for us to even
consider such communion.

A. W. Tozer said, “But since God claims us as His friends,
it is an act of unbelief to deny the offer of such a relationship.”  It is THE God of all creation who invites us
to come into a loving bond and association with Himself.

When we consider and evaluate our friends, who would not
want God as theirs?  He is perfect,
always loves and never fails.  He knows
our frame and thoughts and thus our actions and mindset will never surprise Him.  He seeks our best and desires that we live

God wants to be your friend today and you can do that by
telling Him you accept!  Perhaps you have
allowed your friendship with God to wane.
He does not condemn you but craves to be with you.  Today is the day to rekindle your friendship with
God, spend time with Him and listen to what He has to say.  But if you have not done so already, today is
the day to accept His offer of friendship.