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What Jesus said about terrorism and tragedy might shock you!

Untitled designYou may have heard about the recent hot air balloon crash in Texas that killed all 16 aboard. Their lives were tragically ended when tragedy struck and the unexpected happened. One couple on the early morning balloon ride were newlyweds and another person was a preschool teacher. All of the victims had relationships, friends, coworkers and family members who will miss them greatly.

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Deep Waters

guest blogDan and Ana Jones are missionaries our church supports, and they work and minister in Sonora Mexico. After reading Dan’s newsletter, I thought you would be blessed to read it as well. He issues a very poignant challenge at the end. ~ PD

How safe is the world we are living in today and how does it compare to the way the world has been in the past? Where is safety found and how much should we avoid danger? What is danger?

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Thoughts On Missions

Thoughts on missionsI just returned from a mission trip to Sonora Mexico and thought I’d share some quick thoughts on missions.

The Great Commission is a command not an option. I heard a long time ago that when it comes to the Great Commission we go, support, or are disobedient. When a person leaves for other nations to share the good and saving news of Jesus, or when a person supports a missionary with finances and prayer, it is fulfilling the great commission. These roles can be for the short or long term. The important thing is that we don’t just have what some have called a “heart for missions” but a “heart of obedience”.

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Emergency Bible Verses

help-153094_960_720This is a guest author Louie Monteith who is the Pastor of Calvary Chapel Norco in California. I hope you are blessed! PD

Many of us have emergency phone numbers to call in case of an emergency. Beyond 911 there is the doctor, lawyer, plumber, computer tech, etc. But what about when you are in need and you don’t know where to turn in God’s Word?

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How Jacob Was Changed By God Directed Circumstances

jacobJacob was the grandson of the Jewish patriarch Abraham and the younger of Isaac’s two sons. Growing up with his twin brother Esau, Jacob lived up to the meaning of his name “heel catcher” or “conniver”, tricking Esau out of his inheritance in exchange for stew. Later, as their father was old and ready to bestow the family blessing upon the older brother Esau, Jacob once again lived up to his name tricking his dad into giving him the blessing. This did not sit well with Esau who decided to kill Jacob after the death of his father.

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Why You Should Know The Difference Between Presents and Presence

Christmas-Present-Graphic1Christmas is a wonderful and awesome time. We love the food, the smells and sipping hot chocolate or Russian tea by a warm fire. Hanging out with family and friends, attending musicals or concerts, and even the various Christmas parties, are all events we gladly participate in during this season. But probably the most notable aspect of Christmas is the giving of gifts and presents to one another.

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3 Things You Need To Know About Repentance

repent_graphic_copyThe word “repent” means more than just turning around; it means to change your mind. It means that we change our mind and agree with God when He states we are sinners in need of a Savior. It means that we change our mind from thinking that disobeying God is ok, to the understanding that obeying God is right. It means that we think about sin like God thinks about sin.

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What God Doesn’t Know…You Might Be Shocked!

Green Question MarkThe Bible declares that God is omniscient which simply means that God is all knowing. This is an important aspect of His character and differentiates Him from His creation. How many times have we said, “I just don’t know about ___________? When we draw a blank, He knowseverything! With God being all knowing, I wonder if you have ever considered there are certain things God does not know?

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What God Cannot Do…You Might Be Surprised!

The Bible declares that God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. That simply means that God is all-powerful, all-seeing, and all-knowing. These are aspects of His character that limit what He can and cannot do and yet do not reduce His perfection, worth or holiness. I wonder if you have ever considered that:

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Heaven Clouds
What the apostle John wrote in Revelation chapter 4 is all about heaven, specifically as it relates to the Throne of God.

First, we see a throne, it is set, and there is One who sits upon it. There is an Eternal Ruler upon the throne in heaven where all things are ultimately in subjection. The vision, the activities, worship and those in attendance, are all anchored in position by this grand throne.

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